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Список всех фразовых глаголов:

call around
call at
call back
call for
call forth
call in
call off
call on
call out
call round
call up
call upon
calm down
carry forward
carry off
carry on with
carry out
carry over
carry through
cart off
carve out
carve up
cash in on
cash in
cast about for
cast aside
cast off
cast out
cast round for
cast up
catch at
catch out
catch up in
catch up on
catch up with
catch up
cater for
cater to
cave in
chalk out
chance upon
charge with
chase off
chase up
chat up
cheat on
check by
check in
check into
check off
check out of
check out
check over
check up on
cheer on
cheer up
chew off
chew on
chew out
chew over
chew up
chicken out
chill out
chime in
chip away at
chip in
choke off
choose up
chop down
chop up
chow down on
chow down
chuck in
chuck out
chuck up
claw back
clean off
clean out
clean up
clear away
clear off
clear out
clear up
click through
climb down
cling on to
cling on
clock in
clock out
clock up
clog up
close down
close in on
close in upon
close in
close off
close on
close out
close up
clown around
coast along
cobble together
cock up
colour (color) in
colour (color) up
come about
come around to
come around
come back
come before
come by
come down to
come down upon
come down with
come down
come forth
come forward
come in for
come into use
come into
come off it
come on
come out with
come out
come over
come round
come through
come up against
come up with
come up
come upon
cone off
conjure up
conk out
contract in
contract out
cool down
coop up
cop it
cop off
cop out
cost up
cough up
count against
count among
count in
count off
count on
count out
count towards
count up
count upon
cover for
cover up
cozy up to
cozy up
crack down on
crack on
crack up
crank out
crank up
crash out
cream off
creep in
creep out on
creep over
creep up on
crop up
cross off
cross out
cross up
cruise through
crumb down
cry out
cut across
cut back on
cut down on
cut down
cut out on
cut out
cut through
cut up