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Verb: freak out
Meaning: to become scared or disturbed.
Translation: испугаться или разозлиться из-за того, что вас отвлекли
I freaked out.
Don’t freak out.
Tom freaked out.
It freaks me out.
I’m freaking out.
Do not freak out.
Tom freaks me out.
You freaked me out.
Tom is freaking out.
It’s freaking me out.
I’m not freaking out.
Tom looks freaked out.
My mom will freak out.
He totally freaked out.
You’re freaking me out.
Now don’t freak out, OK?
You freaked out, didn’t you?
You totally freaked Tom out.
You totally freaked him out.
You totally freaked her out.
You totally freaked them out.
What happened freaked me out.
What happened freaked us out.
What happened freaked Tom out.
I don’t want to freak Tom out.
What happened freaked him out.
What happened freaked her out.
Tom is trying not to freak out.
What happened freaked them out.
Tom was a bit freaked out by it.
Tom is going to totally freak out.
I freaked out and started screaming.
Tom got freaked out by what happened.
She freaked out as she heard the news.
She freaked out and started screaming.
Tom is kind of freaked out about that.
She freaked out when a pigeon flew in.
I don’t see why you’re freaking out, Tom.
Tom is freaking out, just like Mary predicted.
If the idea of needles freaks you out, you probably shouldn’t be here.
Once he got the news of his daughter-in-law’s death, he totally freaked out.
I hate those spiders. They’re always there to freak me out when I’m cleaning.
I’m begging you, before freaking out on me listen to the end of what I have to say.
Tom’s a bit freaked out.
Meaning: Become very disturbed or angry
Translation: очень разозлиться из-за того, что вас отвлекли
She FREAKED OUT completely when she didn’t get the grades to get into university.