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Verb: give in
Meaning: to accept defeat, to surrender.
I won’t give in.
I gave in to her demands.
The enemy finally gave in.
They gave in to my opinion.
He gave in to the temptation.
You mustn’t give in to their demands.
Tom will eventually give in, I think.
I won’t give in to you no matter what.
You’re never going to give in, are you?
The lady did not give in to temptation.
After a long argument, I finally gave in.
At last, the bus company gave in.
Tom never gave in to temptation.
Finally they gave in to their enemy.
It was a long war because neither side would give in.
Do not give in to those demands.
Don’t give in to Tom’s demands.
He never gives in to what I say.
Finally, he gave in to my persuasion.
We will never give in to terrorist demands.
Don’t give in to peer pressure.
They’ll give in to us some day.
He never gave in to temptation.
He will never give in even when he is wrong.
She gave in to the temptation.
I have to give in to his order.
I always have to give in to him.
She would not give in to her husband.
He gave in up to all kinds of pleasures.
The man fought bravely but finally gave in.
Tom never gave in to me that easily before.
The enemy gave in without further resistance.
She usually has to give in to her big sister.
I was determined not to give in to temptation.
He is not the sort of guy who gives in easily.
Mary refused to marry him, but she gave in at last.
It’s no use pleading because they’ll never give in.
If you don’t give in now, you will regret it later.
Try to reach your goals and don’t give in to failures.
I gave in to temptation and began to smoke a cigarette.
I felt ready to give in because of my miserable failure.
Finally she gave in to temptation and ate the whole cake.
Meaning: Stop doing something because it’s too hard or requires too much energy
I couldn’t finish the crossword puzzle and had to GIVE IN and look at the answers.
Meaning: Submit homework, etc.
The projects have to be GIVEN IN three weeks before we break up for the end of term.
Meaning: Offer or submit for judgement, approval
They GAVE IN their complaint to the court.