Выбрать страницу
Verb: go back
Meaning: to return.
Let’s go back.
Tom went back.
I’ll go back.
I’m not ever going back there again.
Tom just got back from the hospital.
Tom just got back from Boston today.
Just go back to what you were doing.
I’m going back.
They went back.
I must go back.
I can’t go back.
I won’t go back.
We must go back.
You can go back.
We can’t go back.
We’re going back.
I had to go back.
You must go back.
He went back home.
I have to go back.
I want to go back.
Just go back home.
I need to go back.
Can I go back now?
I’m not going back.
Tom didn’t go back.
Can we go back now?
You go back inside.
I think I’ll go back to sleep.
We’re going back to the hotel.
We should go back to the ship.
Tom went back into his office.
Tom never went back to Boston.
Tom isn’t going back with you.
You and I go back a long time.
You have to go back to Boston.
When will you go back to Japan?
In fall they go back to school.
I wish I could go back in time.
Let’s go back to the beginning.
Tom wants to go back to Boston.
I can always go back to school.
I’m going back to get my briefcase.
I won’t make you go back to Boston.
Please don’t make me go back there.
I want to go back to the way it was.
I think you should go back with Tom.
Come on, let’s go back to the house.
Tom went back to his car and got a flashlight.
Abraham Lincoln went back to Washington that night.
Tom came on Monday and went back home the next day.
Once the festivity finishes, we’ll go back to work.
Just go back to the kitchen.
I can’t go back there alone.
I don’t want you to go back.
I want to go back to Boston.
Don’t make me go back there.
I can’t go back without you.
Meaning: Have a long history
He and I GO BACK a long way- we were at school together.
Meaning: Return to, start doing something again
We WENT BACK to work after the break.