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Verb: pick up
Meaning: Improve
Sales PICKED UP a bit during the Christmas period.
Meaning: Learn quickly
She PICKED UP Spanish in six months.
Meaning: Collect
While you’re in town, can you PICK UP my trousers from the Dry Cleaner?
Meaning: Receive (a broadcast)
When we rent a holiday cottage in Cornwall, we can’t PICK UP Channel 5.
Meaning: Collect (a person). This differs from the ‘collect a thing’ meaning — as that means ‘collect and bring back’ whereas this means either (1) ‘collect and drop off on your way’ or (2) ‘collect and bring to the same destination’.
1) Can you PICK me UP and take me to The George when you go to the party? 2) Can you PICK UP some friends of mine on your way to the party? They’re going too.