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pick at

Verb: pick at Meaning: Eat unwillingly I wasn’t very hungry so I just PICKED AT my food. Meaning: Criticise There were a few problems that could be PICKED AT, but it was generally...

play at

Verb: play at Meaning: Pretend to be something He just PLAYS AT being a lawyer- he never wins a case.

lash out at

Verb: lash out at Meaning: Hit someone suddenly, usually without warning, or try to hit them He LASHED OUT AT me when I laughed at him. Meaning: Criticise someone or shout at them She LASHED OUT AT her colleagues when she was...

leap out at

Verb: leap out at Meaning: Be very noticeable Her face LEAPT OUT AT me the second I saw the photo.

keep up at

Verb: keep up at Meaning: Continue, not quit Learning a language is difficult, but if you KEEP UP AT it, you’ll succeed in the end.