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be down on

Verb: be down on Meaning: Have negative feelings toward someone After the argument, James is DOWN ON his boss.

be up

Verb: be up Meaning: Be out of bed Translation: подняться с постели She’s not UP yet. Meaning: Have increased or risen Translation: подняться, возрасти The company’s profits ARE UP by fifteen percent. Meaning: When the time for something finishes or...

be down with

Verb: be down with Meaning: Be ill Gul is DOWN WITH some bug and is off work today.

be up for

Verb: be up for Meaning: Be enthusiastic about an upcoming event Translation: быть готовым к предстоящему событию ARE you UP FOR the climb of Mt. Blanc? Seems London City Studios are up for sale. Maybe you’re not up for this. This Act is still up for...

be fed up

Verb: be fed up Meaning: Be bored, upset or sick of something Translation: быть сытым по горло, это достало I AM FED UP of his complaints. I’m fed up being depressed. I’m fed up being the only one working. I’m fed up of working with trained monkeys....