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run by

Verb: run by Meaning: Tell someone your ideas so that they can comment She RAN her ideas BY the committee to see what they felt.

roll by

Verb: roll by Meaning: Pass (time) The years ROLLED BY.

put by

Verb: put by Meaning: Save for the future I try to PUT some money BY every month towards our summer holiday.

pass by

Verb: pass by Meaning: Go past without stopping I was just PASSING BY when I saw the accident. Meaning: Visit briefly I was PASSING BY her house the other day when I heard about it. Meaning: Miss an opportunity The chance for promotion PASSED me...

go by

Verb: go by Meaning: The passing of time Ten years WENT BY before we saw each other again. Meaning: Trust or depend on for correct information Don’t GO BY my watch Meaning: Pay a short visit, call Nobody was at home when I WENT BY...