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come from

Verb: come from Meaning: Country or town where you were born She COMES FROM Somalia.

come to

Verb: come to Meaning: Become conscious, wake up from anaesthetic She CAME TO an hour after the operation. Meaning: Result in The two men started arguing but they soon CAME TO blows and started fighting in...

come in

Verb: come in Meaning: Arrive for flights The plane CAME IN at two-thirty in the morning. Meaning: Place or ranking in a competition, etc. I did my best but CAME IN last but one in the race. Meaning: Receive news Reports are just COMING IN of an assassination attempt...

come up

Verb: come up Meaning: Appear I’ll be late home tonight because something’s COME UP at work has to be ready for tomorrow morning. Meaning: Rise (the sun) The sun CAME UP just as we reached the outskirts of the...

come in for

Verb: come in for Meaning: Receive (criticism or praise) Jack’s COME IN FOR quite a lot of criticism of late.