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come down upon

Verb: come down upon Meaning: Criticise, reprimand severely They will COME DOWN UPON us if we are late.

come over

Verb: come over Meaning: Feel strange I CAME OVER all faint and weak because my sugar level was too low. (British) Meaning: Affect mentally in such a way as to change behaviour (possibly related to ‘overcome’) I’m sorry about last night — I...

come down with

Verb: come down with Meaning: Fall ill She CAME DOWN WITH a virus.

come round

Verb: come round Meaning: Become conscious, wake up from anaesthetic She CAME ROUND and learned that the operation had been a complete success. Meaning: Change your opinion At first she didn’t like the idea, but she CAME ROUND to our way of thinking in the...

come forth

Verb: come forth Meaning: Appear The draft proposal CAME FORTH in April.