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cut across

Verb: cut across Meaning: Affect people of different groups, classes, etc The issue CUTS ACROSS social backgrounds as it affects us all equally.

cut back

Verb: cut back Meaning: Reduce The firm CUT BACK production because sales were sluggish. Meaning: Remove branches from a plant or tree to encourage future growth We CUT the tree BACK every...

cut back on

Verb: cut back on Meaning: Reduce expenditure The government has decided to CUT BACK ON spending on the armed forces.

cut down

Verb: cut down Meaning: Consume less I’m trying to CUT DOWN the amount of coffee I drink during the day. Meaning: Shoot A lot of soldiers were CUT DOWN by enemy fire as they stormed the airport. Meaning: Reduce a vertical thing to ground level by cutting The...

cut in

Verb: cut in Meaning: Start functioning The fans CUT IN when the engine starts getting too hot. Meaning: Drive in front of another vehicle without warning A car CUT IN and nearly caused an accident. Meaning: Interrupt We were having a conversation when he came up and...