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get onto

Verb: get onto Meaning: Start discussing a topic We didn’t GET ONTO the third item on the agenda. Meaning: Be elected, appointed He didn’t GET ONTO the committee. Meaning: Appear on the radio or TV He GOT ONTO every major channel after the accident....

get out of

Verb: get out of Meaning: Avoid doing something you dislike I said I wasn’t feeling well and GOT OUT OF the extra work. Meaning: Leave a car, van, etc. We GOT OUT OF the taxi and paid the driver. Meaning: Stop a regular activity or habit If you GET OUT OF a...

get out!

Verb: get out! Meaning: Expression of disbelief ‘I got 100% on the test.’ ‘Get out!’

get over with

Verb: get over with Meaning: Do something unpleasant that has to be done rather than delaying it any more I GOT the test OVER WITH rather than have to worry about it any longer.

get round

Verb: get round Meaning: Become known I don’t want this to GET ROUND, so please keep it to yourself. Meaning: Find a solution We’re nearly ready, but there are few little problems we have to GET ROUND before we...