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give yourself up to

Verb: give yourself up to Meaning: Dedicate time, energy, etc, to something He GAVE himself UP TO his job.

give out

Verb: give out Meaning: Distribute Somebody was GIVING leaflets OUT in front of the underground station. Meaning: Stop working, through age or overuse I’d been having trouble with my laptop and it finally GAVE OUT at the weekend. Meaning: Have no more of a...

give out to

Verb: give out to Meaning: Scold, tell off, nag The teacher GAVE OUT TO us for being late.

give over

Verb: give over Meaning: Stop doing something bad or annoying They were making a lot of noise so I told them to GIVE OVER. Meaning: Entrust, pass on responsibility We’ve GIVEN the premises OVER to the new company. Meaning: Stop an activity The police told the...

give over to

Verb: give over to Meaning: Dedicate, devote He GAVE himself OVER TO finding his son. Meaning: Transfer responsibility After her death, they GAVE control of the estate OVER TO her...