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go out with

Verb: go out with Meaning: Have a relationship with He’s been GOING OUT WITH his girlfriend for around six months now.

go over

Verb: go over Meaning: Look at something, revise We WENT OVER our notes before the exam. Meaning: Visit I hadn’t seen her for a while, so I WENT OVER on Friday night. Meaning: Be approved or accepted My plans WENT OVER well. Meaning: Repeat or explain Could you...

go over to

Verb: go over to Meaning: Go on a journey I’m GOING OVER TO Hong Kong next month. Meaning: Become converted She WENT OVER TO Islam when she was living in the Middle East. Meaning: Change to something different I used to drink beer but I have GONE OVER TO...

go past

Verb: go past Meaning: Pass without stopping She WENT PAST me without saying hello.

go round

Verb: go round Meaning: Be or have enough of something There aren’t enough jobs to GO ROUND for the numbers of people graduating nowadays. Meaning: Circulate There’s a nasty rumour GOING ROUND about them. Meaning: Visit I WENT ROUND last night to see...