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go to

Verb: go to Meaning: Allocate money About half of my income GOES TO pay the mortgage.

go off

Verb: go off Meaning: Explode (bomb), start ringing (alarm) The fire alarm WENT OFF because someone was smoking in the toilets. Meaning: Go bad The milk WENT OFF because I forgot to put it in the fridge. Meaning: Start to dislike I WENT OFF her when she lied to me....

go towards

Verb: go towards Meaning: Contibute The money WENT TOWARDS my university fees.

go off with

Verb: go off with Meaning: Elope, run away with someone She WENT OFF WITH her friend’s husband. Meaning: Steal He WENT OFF WITH my credit...

go under

Verb: go under Meaning: Go bankrupt Many small shops are GOING UNDER because they cannot compete with the supermarkets. Meaning: Lose consciousness She WENT UNDER a few minutes after they administered the anaesthetic. Meaning: Sink The ship WENT UNDER in a heavy...