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make out

Verb: make out Meaning: Make a cheque payable to somebody Please MAKE the cheque OUT to RGM Productions Ltd. Meaning: Pretend He MADE OUT that he was ill so that he didn’t have to go to school. Meaning: Progress How are your children MAKING OUT at the new...

make over

Verb: make over Meaning: Change appearance The beauty salon gave her a MAKEOVER before the party. Meaning: Give money or possessions to someone in a legal way She MADE OVER her property to her...

make towards

Verb: make towards Meaning: Head in the direction We MADE TOWARDS the centre.

make up for

Verb: make up for Meaning: Compensate I sent her a present to try to MAKE UP FOR my appalling behaviour.

make up to

Verb: make up to Meaning: Increase a sum received to a higher figure The charity collected $24,517.57, and the anonymous donor MADE the total UP TO $25,000′