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run over

Verb: run over Meaning: Explain quickly Could you RUN OVER that point again Meaning: Hit with a vehicle The driver couldn’t stop in time and RAN the fox OVER when it ran in front of his car. Meaning: Exceed a time limit The meeting RAN OVER by twenty...

put over

Verb: put over Meaning: Successfully execute (a scam, trick, etc.) They PUT OVER a clever practical joke on us.

rake over

Verb: rake over Meaning: Talk, think, etc, about something negative in the past They keep RAKING OVER the rows we had last year.

pull over

Verb: pull over Meaning: Stop by the side of the road The police PULLED the car OVER Meaning: Make a vehicle stop The police PULLED the car OVER and tested the driver for...

push over

Verb: push over Meaning: Push someone or something with enough force to make them or it fall He PUSHED the glass OVER and spilled the drink.