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pull for

Verb: pull for Meaning: Support Who will you be PULLING FOR in the final?

pull in

Verb: pull in Meaning: When a train arrives at a station The train PULLED IN and we rushed to meet her as she got off. Meaning: Attract Their last tour PULLED IN millions of fans. Meaning: Stop a car by the side of the road I PULLED IN to let the passengers out....

pull off

Verb: pull off Meaning: Manage to do something difficult or tricky No-one thought that she would be able to do it, but she PULLED it OFF in the end. Meaning: Start moving (vehicles) When the lights turned green, the car PULLED...

pull on

Verb: pull on Meaning: Put clothes on I PULLED ON a jumper when the sun went in.

pull out

Verb: pull out Meaning: Start moving (train) The train was PULLING OUT when I got there. Meaning: Move into traffic The traffic was so bad that it took me ages to PULL OUT. Meaning: Withdraw The project was going badly and they decided to PULL OUT Meaning: Remove...