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sit about

Verb: sit about Meaning: Sit and do nothing, especially when you should be working We spent the afternoon SITTING ABOUT chatting instead of doing any work.

sit through

Verb: sit through Meaning: Stay till the end of something dull I was bored and wanted to leave halfway through, but we SAT THROUGH the film.

sit up

Verb: sit up Meaning: Suddenly take notice or pay attention They SAT UP when I told them I was closing the company. Meaning: Move from lying down to a sitting position She SAT UP in bed when the doctor wanted to take her...

sit with

Verb: sit with Meaning: Reconcile different positions It’s hard to see how their new plan SITS WITH the promises they made.

sit in on

Verb: sit in on Meaning: Attend as an observer She SAT IN ON the meeting and took notes but said nothing.