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take aback

Verb: take aback Meaning: Surprise or shock The news of her death TOOK me ABACK.

take it upon yourself

Verb: take it upon yourself Meaning: Take responsibility, often without consulting other people I TOOK IT UPON MYSELF to make sure he got up on time.

take off

Verb: take off Meaning: Make great progress The software house really TOOK OFF when they produced the latest version of their DTP package. Meaning: Reduce the price of an item They’ve TAKEN ten percent OFF designer frames for glasses. Meaning: When a plane...

take on

Verb: take on Meaning: Allow passengers on a ship or plane The plane stopped at Zurich to TAKE ON some passengers. Meaning: Assume a responsibility She TOOK ON the task of indexing the book. Meaning: Employ The council has had to TAKE ON twenty extra employees to...

take out

Verb: take out Meaning: Borrow a library book I TOOK OUT all the books I needed for my essay from the library. Meaning: Borrow money from a bank or other official lender Jackie and Anil TOOK OUT a mortgage to buy a bigger flat. Meaning: Extract or remove The dentist...