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take aback

Verb: take aback Meaning: Surprise or shock The news of her death TOOK me ABACK.

take down

Verb: take down Meaning: Make notes or write down in full The police TOOK DOWN his answers to their questions. Meaning: Remove People TAKE DOWN their Christmas decorations twelve days after...

take for

Verb: take for Meaning: Believe that someone is a certain kind of person Do you TAKE me FOR a fool?

take in

Verb: take in Meaning: Absorb information The lecture was rather boring and I didn’t TAKE IN much of what the lecturer said. Meaning: Deceive She TOOK me IN with her story until someone told me the truth. Meaning: Make clothes smaller The jacket was far too big...

take it

Verb: take it Meaning: Accept criticism He’s good at criticising others, but can’t TAKE IT himself.