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run to

Verb: run to Meaning: Go to someone for help Whenever he gets into debt, he RUNS TO his parents for help. Meaning: Include in things you like His musical tastes RUN TO the Residents, who are hated by most people. Meaning: Have enough money to buy something, often...

rise to

Verb: rise to Meaning: Respond positively or well to a difficult or challenging situation He ROSE TO the occasion and performed very well.

put up to

Verb: put up to Meaning: Encourage someone to do something His friends PUT him UP TO stealing it.

reach out to

Verb: reach out to Meaning: Ask for help I REACHED OUT TO you when I was in trouble and you were a great help. Meaning: Offer help Charities are REACHING OUT TO those who lost their homes in the floods. Meaning: Try to communicate and establish good relations with...

put down to

Verb: put down to Meaning: Give as an explanation He didn’t score many, but we can PUT that DOWN TO inexperience