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run up

Verb: run up Meaning: Move quickly to where someone is He RAN UP next to me and started shouting. Meaning: Hoist, raise a flag They RAN UP the Union Jack. Meaning: Do or make something very quickly He RAN UP a few examples for them to look at. Meaning: Spend a lot of...

run up against

Verb: run up against Meaning: Encounter problems, often unexpected They RAN UP AGAINST a lot of opposition to the construction.

run up on

Verb: run up on Meaning: Approach someone without their knowing Robert was sitting in his car and a guy RAN UP ON him and shot through the car but missed.

rough up

Verb: rough up Meaning: Assault The mugger ROUGHED him UP when he refused to hand his wallet over.

round up

Verb: round up Meaning: Increase a number to the nearest whole number or number ending in zero It was $129.95, so I ROUNDED it UP to $30.